The BrigHub documents overall process to follow is as listed below.

  1. Draft document to be made in appropriate Team
  2. Once document is ready for publishing decide where document will be stored in BrigHUB
  3. Upload document to appropriate folder
  4. If document exists replace the existing
  5. Links will stay the same if steps followed

Draft Document in Teams

Documents to be published into BrigHUB are worked on via an appropriate Team as the draft storage. While a document is not ready to be released it should stay in an appropriate Team and edited by members of the Team. Only a single copy of an active draft document should be worked on at the one time. Teams stores version history which can be accessed at any time, previous versions can be accessed using the follow instructions: Checking a File's Version History in Teams. Once a draft is complete approval from the document owner needs to be given before uploading into BrigHUB. Document owner would generally be the owner of the Team however this will not always be the case.

Choosing an appropriate location for upload

BrigHUB's Document Repository consists of eight top level folders, they are as follows:

  • Administration
  • Curriculum
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technologies
  • Mission
  • Pastoral
  • Policies and Safety
  • Teaching and Learning

Use two decision flow charts below to help distinguish which top level folder the document should be uploaded to.


Follow the instructions linked below to correctly use the BrigHub Document Repository