Use these instructions to navigate to the file location of a document in the BrigHub Document Repository. The file location of a document is needed when a document needs to be replaced, you can find instructions on how to replace an existing document in the document repository here.
If more than one copy of the file has been uploaded please contact IT and we will resolve the issue. 

  1. Navigate to the 'Document Repository' 
  2. Search for the document name in the top search bar

  3. Click 'Show more results'

  4. Scroll through the list of returned documents and then click the three dots next to the file name.

  5. Click on 'Details'
  6. More details will appear on the right, scroll down to the bottom of the detail information.
  7. Note the 'Path', excluding the 'Search results....'. This is the file location of the document

    In this example, the file location is BrigHub(Document Repository)/Administration.