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Use these tutorials to create and open OneNotes- OneNote backup and syncing will be covered in later tutorials.

Instructions (Creation)

  1. Go to your OneDrive online

  2. Create a folder called OneNote Notebooks.
    This is where you will save all your OneNotes until you graduate.
    Do not move this folder. If you do, your OneNotes will stop syncing.

  3. Open ‘OneNote Notebooks’.

  4. Click New and then OneNote notebook.

  5. Name the Notebook.
    Call it by the subject, year and term.
    For example, if you had a notebook you were going to use for English all year in 2018, call it ‘English 2018’.
    If you had a notebook you were going to use for English in Term 1 of 2018, call it ‘English 2018 Term 1’.

  6. Click Create and you will be taken to your Notebook.
    Then click Edit in OneNote and you will be taken to the desktop OneNote.

  7. You can now use the Notebook! Make sure you are checking periodically that all your Notebooks are syncing properly.

Instructions (Opening)

  1. Go to your OneNote online (from Office 365).

  2. You will be given a list of your notebooks. Click the one you want to open it.

  3. If you want to open the OneNote in the desktop OneNote app, click Edit in OneNote.

  4. Click Launch Application.

  5. Click Yes.


  6. In your desktop OneNote, go File -> Open.
  7. Under Recent Notebooks, click to open any of the notebooks that are listed.