Step 1:

Navigate to Brighub > Open up OneDrive

Step 2:

Select New > Folder

Step 3:

Name the folder the same as the class that is requesting the assessment

Step 4:

Select/ tick the newly created folder > then click the "request files" in the top panel

Step 5:

Follow the prompts given > the first prompt will be asking for files to request, use assessment name/code. > Hit next - We suggest you put a note in asking for students to have their names/student number in files for submission. 

What students will see via email:

Step 6:

Teachers have the option if they want to post the link in a Team for their class to click or use "Or you can send it via email" > type is the class name. eg. 2022 07 English

Step 7:

Once files are uploaded, navigate back to the created OneDrive folder: Open up OneDrive

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