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This process involves generating attendance reports for students on College Days and Last Days to be sent to the Deputy Principal Students

Step-by-step guide

A. Extract the Attendance Report in SEQTA.

  1. In Administration Workspace, click on Attendance Administration.
  2. Click on Reporting
  3. Search and Select "Statistics (student full)"
  4. Set the Attendance Date Range
  5. Select the appropriate group of students by clicking on the ellipsis (...)
  6. Click Print and Save Excel Spreadsheet and Insert Table (Ctrl-T)
  7. Filter the Table by Percent Attendance (0 or 100)
  8. Extract the student Code by copying the Code 

B. Putting Attendances into the Report

  1. Click Pastoral Care Note (Hands holding a person icon on right side of screen)
  2.  Temporarily put in any student
  3. Category (Choose Reports - category e.g. College Days or Last Days)
  4.  Sub-category (Select appropriate category)
  5. Click Save many...
  6. Remove the temporary student by clicking on Clear at the bottom of list
  7. Import Codes copied from spreadsheet (click on ellipsis and select Code)
  8. Put in the Date of the Event
  9. Under Details put A for absent otherwise if present just leave blank
  10. Click Save

C. Checking if Reports Have Been Saved

  1. Click Pastoral Care Workspace | Student Summary | In Detail
  2. Seach for a student who is part of the list
  3. The Reports if saved will appear on the list otherwise they are not saved

Year 12s do not have Last Day attendances on Term 4