When uploading a document to BrigHub it is important that the document is named sensibly, it is the final version and that there are no duplicate versions of the document already uploaded to the document repository.

Before attempting to upload your document, please ensure its name does not contain draft/revision and is as simple as possible. 



Uploading the document:

  1. Navigate to the 'Document Repository' 
  2. Search for the document name in the top search bar

  3. If the same or similar document comes up in the search document, as shown below.

    Click the here for instructions to Replace a document correctly.

    Otherwise if no results return (as shown below), continue on.

  4. Navigate to the desired folder then click 'Upload'. If you are unsure of which folder to upload the document to, click here to view a decision flowchart which will assist. 
  5. Click 'Files'
  6. Navigate to the file you wish to upload and then click 'Open'.

    Once the file is uploaded, the following message will appear.

Sharing the document:

  1. Hover over the document and click on the circle to the left of its name. 
  2. Now that the document is selected, click the 'Share' button in the top tool bar. 
  3. Click 'People you specify can edit' to bring up the list of share options.
  4. Choose 'People with exsisting access'.
  5. Click 'Apply'
  6. Click 'Copy Link'

    Once the link has been copied, the following message will appear. Paste the link where appropriate.