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Each Year around the end of August NAPLAN results will be released to schools in data format. The DPC or similar role should provide these files for upload.

Step-by-step guide

Prepare Excel Data

1. Copy the following Headers and Columns Containing NAPLAN data in a new spreadsheet
2. Headers: ID, Surname, Given Name, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar/Punctuation and Numeracy
3. Filter and remove rows that do not have NAPLAN results on them
4. Remove any formatting by creating a test cell and clicking on format painter and drag it to whole spreadsheet
5. Find any results with + or - on them and remove using Replace Method (Ctrl-H)
6. Save Spreadsheet as CSV to BISD folder

Go to Administration Workspace/Standardised Testing Management

1. Instrument Setup
2. Select NAPLAN
3. Create a Series Label by clicking + and Labelling it with the specific Cohort Order is usually be the next iteration
4. Click Save
5. Click Import Data
6. Click on NAPLAN
7. Drag and drop the CSV created earlier to upload
8. Click on Instrument Statistics Entry
9. Select NAPLAN
10. Select Preferred instrument item (Grammar, Numeracy, Reading Spelling, Writing)
11. Select Series (Cohort created)
12. Select Jurisdiction (School)
13. Input Statistics for each. If result is not a whole number round up to ceiling

    14. Click Save