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Usually the creation of folders for each of the staff members is done by a powershell screen. Instead we will make use of a flow.

  1. First we need to make the team site
  2. Created a team using the "Professional Learning Community (PLC)" template calling it "PLDP 2021"
  3. Created two new document libraries "Staff Documentation Template" and "Staff Documentation"
  4. Copied template files Allison wants in each staff member folder into the "Staff Documentation Template" document library making sure the files sit in a folder with the current year.
  5. Modified the "PLDP Auto Create Staff Documentation Folder" flow which is stored in the account.
    1. We only need to change the variables where it states "CHANGE ME" to reference the new sharepoint site
    2. We also need to change the first step to reference the new PLDP site.
  6. After the flow has been modified, add a member and check to see if a folder has been created with special permissions.
  7. Now to add team members in bulk
    1. Created a *.csv with a single column called email
    2. Ran an sql query to get a list of current teachers and their emails adding them to the csv (also took note of the row count to double check at a later stage)
    3. Open Powershell
    4. Connect-MicrosoftTeams (use your office365 admin credentials)
    5. Get-Team -DisplayName "PLDP 2021", taing note of the GroupId
    6. Import-Csv -Path "YOUR_FILE_PATH" | foreach{Add-TeamUser -GroupId YOUR_TEAM_ID -user $}
    7. I checked the number of members was equal to the number of rows returned by the sql query
    8. There is quite a delay between the adding of members and the triggering of the flow script so be patient
    9. If everything works you should have a folder for all the members you added in the Staff Documentation document library.
  8. All done

Archiving Previous PLD team site

  1. I've lost the flow to do this so when I find some time I will need to modify the current script to instead iterate over the folders in the Staff Documentation document library and set to read only
  2. Finally you can archive the site as normal.
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