1: Create a New Forum

To create a new forum:

  1. Click on Teaching Work-space
  2. Click on Forums
  3. Click on New Forum

2: Add Forum Details

  1. Insert a forum title
  2. Insert a forum description (NOTE: this will be visible to all students/staff when viewing the forum)
  3. Add specific students to the forum by name
  4. Add students in groups

3: Add Students in Groups (must follow point 4 from above)

Students can be added according several groups, including School year, Roll Group, House, etc.

As an example, to add a whole class of students:

  1. Select CLASS from the top navigation bar
  2. Select 2020 from the left menu
  3. Select the class (or classes) from the list to add all students to the forum

4: Save Forum

  1. Review the staff and students that can see the forum. (Scroll through students using mouse scroll-wheel).
  2. Click the Bin Icon to remove a particular student / staff member from the forum.
  3. Click the Clear button to remove all staff and students from the forum.
    1. NOTE: you will remove yourself from the forum. Please add yourself back with the Select Staff drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Save button to make the forum live.

5: Create a Forum Post

  1. Type your message in the editor.
    1. Note, you can use the toolbar in the editor to style your message.
  2. Click Send to post your message to the forum.

6: Reply to a message

  1. Find a message you would like to reply to.
  2. Type your reply in the Text Editor.
  3. When you're happy with your message, click Send.

7: Managing your Forum

  1. You can view the number of Participants, Unread Messages, and Total Messages from the forums tab.
  2. You can edit your forum (returning to sections 2-4 of this guide) by clicking the Edit button.
  3. You can close the forum by pressing the Close button.
  4. You can delete messages by clicking the Bin Icon.
  5. Similarly, you can delete replies by clicking the Bin Icon.

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